Saturday, May 14, 2011

Faux Cupcake Tutorial!

Today was a rainy day. I was bored and more then a little sad my little man went to spend the day with his dad....THEN...inspiration struck! This is what I did one lonely rainy day in May...

1.) Plaster of Paris. This shit is amazing. I have had SO much fun with it over the years, and always have it on hand. If you don't, you can pick it up at your local craft store! There are instructions on how to use on the box, but it's 1/1 ratio plaster & water. (use cold water!)

2.) Get your muffin tray ready. I used aluminum foil cups, the paper one's stuck to the plaster and pissed me off. :( Once your plaster is all mixed up like 311, pour into cupcake cups. I filled pretty much to the top.

3.) Go check your facebook or check out while your plaster is curing. Takes about 30 minutes to initially set, before you can remove the wrappers.

TIP: If you are impatient like me, you can bake these at about 350 for an hour or so to dry them so you can move onto the next step instead of waiting 5 days for mother nature to do her thing...

They must be completely dry before doing any painting or your hard work will just fall off. :(

4. Now...onto the frosting. For this we use caulk. ...and if you're a perv like me, there are a million jokes just waiting to be told right now. :D Make sure you get a water based caulk for easy clean up!

5. Get a bowl/bucket/whatever and any old acrylic paint. The paint is used to color your frosting. If you want plain white, obviously skip this part. :D MIX WELL!

6. I also used to be big into cake decorating, so I just happened to have this stuff on hand. I used disposable decorating bags because I did not want to reuse they. (gross!) You can use any piping tips, or none at all. It just depends on how fancy you want to get! Again, these are available at most craft or specialty stores! So once your con-caulk-tion s ready load it into your piping bag! (you might need a little's messy!)

7.) Pretty easy step here- just get your bases ready and your work space covered and plenty of napkins within arms reach!

8.) I'm sure at this point you are like WTF? Here's the story- I decorated 2 cupcakes and found that the frosting' just didn't sit high enough. If I used more 'frosting' it got to heavy and fell. SO- I just happened to have some plaster brains left from a long ago project, so I placed a brain in the center of the rest, for added bulk.

9. See, can you see where I'm going. Besides- a cupcake with a brain inside it is just A-W-E-S-O-M-E! If you don't happen to have any brains laying around- I'm sure you could think of something to use in it's place. ? maybe ? :D

10. These are 3 of the finished cupcakes. Note the difference between cupcakes with brains, and cupcakes without!

Now you can decorate these however. I used cute little skull and crossbones plastics I had laying around, GLITTER!, I did use some real ball sprinkles but I found they bled into the 'frosting'. Just gt creative and have fun! I plan on sealing these with an acrylic sealer as well, so I don't have GLITTER! everywhere!

These next 2 are my favorite! I used red beads & red glitter on this one. I do recommend painting your bases prior to caulking- would have been much easier!

And this pretty girl is total sweetness! I LOVE how she turned out! Good enuff to eat! :)

So I think I pretty much covered all the steps. I hope you enjoyed my first ever tutorial! ..and I'm really sorry if you get super mad dog cravings for cupcakes after this! If you decide to try this out- please share so we can see!

Also- don't forget to check out HeartSizedCrush HERE. <3 -Karla

Friday, August 6, 2010

Forgive Me Father....For I have Sinned...

It has been 43 days since my last blog post....

But I have been having an AMAZING summer! and that's all that counts right? I have gotten to do so many amazing things so far this summer and I have barely had time to catch my breath!

I got to kick off the summer by flying out to SoCal to meet up with some of my online friends. We went to the Hootenanny show out in Irvine so I could catch the Devil Doll show. Also took in a little beach time and 4th of July fireworks!

I also celebrated my 32nd birthday this summer and my bestie got us tickets to see Lady GaGa, which was SUCH an amazing show and night!

In between the big things I have spent a lot of time swimming with my nugget, went to the dragon boat festival & the Renaissance festival, concerts in the park, getting tattoo'd, camping, and I also got to spend some time with friends at the Denver Aquarium (where I got to pet a stingray!)

It's truly been a blessed and amazing summer, and I don't want it to end!

If you don't have me on facebook yet I'm here; & I have tons of pics from the summer!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill: 10 Horrifying Facts You Never Wanted To Know

Here are 10 of the most horrifying facts about the Gulf oil spill. Read them and let their gravity weigh heavy on your hearts and minds. Let them motivate you to take action so our planet never experiences this kind of manmade disaster ever again.

1. New estimates show the undersea well has spilled between 17 and 39 million gallons. These estimates dwarf those of BP, who claimed the spill had only released 11 million gallons to date, and mean that the Gulf leak is far bigger than Exxon Valdez, making it the worst spill in American history.

2. The National Wildlife Federation reports that already more than 150 threatened or endangered sea turtles are dead. And 316 sea birds, mostly brown pelicans and northern gannets, have been found dead along the Gulf Coast as a result of the spreading oil.

3. The Minerals Management Service, directly under the supervision of the Interior Department failed to impose a full review of potential environmental impacts of the BP drilling operation because preliminary reviews of the area concluded that a massive oil spill was "unlikely."

4. The Department of the Interior’s Office of the Inspector General released a report indicating that at one Gulf Coast office of MMS, agency officials attended sporting events on the dime of oil companies, stored porn on company computers, used cocaine and crystal meth, falsified inspection reports, and accepted "gifts" from "good friends in the oil industry." (Links via ProPublica).

5. A significant amount of the oil slick is being drawn well to the south in the east-central Gulf of Mexico, meaning that it has been captured by the Loop Current. Oil in the loop is a hazard to the Florida Keys, (and entire East Coast) as well as areas of the west coast of Florida. Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico could also be at risk of exposure to the oil, which also could be drawn into the Gulf Stream through the Florida Straits, and perhaps northward to part of the Atlantic Seaboard.

6. As much as we'd like to forget it, the Gulf Coast is prime hurricane country, and if a storm blows in, the result could be devastating. The presence of oil could lead to a more powerful hurricane because crude accumulating at the surface could be raising the temperature of the surrounding water.

7. Transocean Ltd., the owner of the Deepwater Horizon rig leased by BP, has been flying under the radar in the mainstream blame game. Because of past experience with Gulf Oil spills, Transocean decided to insure the Deepwater Horizon rig for about twice what it was worth. In a conference call to analysts earlier this month, Transocean reported making a $270 million profit from insurance payouts after the disaster.

8. Perhaps because it knows the possibility of remedying the situation is practically impossible, BP has made publicly available its laughable "Oil Spill Response Plan" which is, in fact, no plan at all. Besides mentioning the protection of Arctic wildlife (probably lifted directly from the Exxon Valdez plan), the plan does not include any disease-preventing measures, oceanic or meteorological data, and is comprised mostly of phone numbers and blank forms. Most importantly, it includes no directions for how to deal with another deep-water explosion in the future.

9. A large number of fishermen are becoming seriously ill - and many of them believe that the chemicals that BP is using in the Gulf are to blame. Local shrimpers in Louisiana are already predicting that it will be seven years before they can set to sea again.

10. Gambling websites are now placing odds on what species will be first to become extinct as a result of the oil belching from BP's ruptured well in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Please visit Our current charity is Tri-State Bird Rescue.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fugly To Fabulous!

I belong to a really awesome crafter's forum called Attack Of The Craft. The contest this month is 'Fugly To Fabulous'. Basically you find a fugly item from garage sale or thrift store and craft it into something fabulous!

Well last weekend we wandered around some garage sales and I happened to be thumbing through some old LP's and found a Flashdance record. I don't even own a record player but I had to buy it. There's just something about the old school vinyl that is amazing. The look, the feel, even the smell.

I did a search on google to see what kind of crafty things can be done with records and this is what I decided to make for my entry. I took and old Barry Manilow LP (which is super fugly to me, lol) drew out my pistols and rose piece & colored it up nice. Added some pyramid studs and the time pieces and added the tick tocker and this is what happened....

And so the obsession was born, because I fell in love. I have made 4 more clocks, but I also had to try out a few other things I saw. If you take a record and put it in the oven @ around 200 degrees it ges warm enough to cut and/or minuplate. So I had to make a little fruit bowl and a couple cuff bracelets, which RULE btw!

So if you ever wonder what you can do with your old LP's, give some of these ideas a try!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Feeling Lucky Winner!

Congrats to Pili for winning Free Shit Tuesday, Feeling Lucky Edition! We expect lots of pics Ms. Pili!!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Feeling Lucky? 13 Day To Win!

Today is Tuesday, April 13th....are you feeling Lucky?

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I know, I know- go ahead and pick your chin up off the floor cause I'm going to make you work a bit for it! ;)

So here's the deal:
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Happy Free Shit Tuesday my loves!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Fridays Favorites

It's no secret that I'm in love with Etsy. It's one of the few places you can find something that's 100% original, actually made with love, and more likely then not can be customized just for YOU. I'm on Etsy all the time, and not just because I sell my stuff on there, but because I LOVE to shop. I'm always adding things to my favorites...and constantly drooling over them until I can make them mine. I just thought I'd share some of my current favorites...and it's Friday so there you go....yea, I know- I'm a genius! Enjoy!

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade