Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fugly To Fabulous!

I belong to a really awesome crafter's forum called Attack Of The Craft. The contest this month is 'Fugly To Fabulous'. Basically you find a fugly item from garage sale or thrift store and craft it into something fabulous!

Well last weekend we wandered around some garage sales and I happened to be thumbing through some old LP's and found a Flashdance record. I don't even own a record player but I had to buy it. There's just something about the old school vinyl that is amazing. The look, the feel, even the smell.

I did a search on google to see what kind of crafty things can be done with records and this is what I decided to make for my entry. I took and old Barry Manilow LP (which is super fugly to me, lol) drew out my pistols and rose piece & colored it up nice. Added some pyramid studs and the time pieces and added the tick tocker and this is what happened....

And so the obsession was born, because I fell in love. I have made 4 more clocks, but I also had to try out a few other things I saw. If you take a record and put it in the oven @ around 200 degrees it ges warm enough to cut and/or minuplate. So I had to make a little fruit bowl and a couple cuff bracelets, which RULE btw!

So if you ever wonder what you can do with your old LP's, give some of these ideas a try!


  1. Super cool idea, Karla! I love all you've done with those LP's!

  2. Great work! Love the cuff.