Monday, April 12, 2010

Feeling Lucky? 13 Day To Win!

Today is Tuesday, April 13th....are you feeling Lucky?

Todays Free Shit Tuesday is brought to you by Tuck N' Roll Kustoms. Tuck N' Roll Kustoms is an amazing shop inspired by everything pin up, rockabilly, and Kar Kulture.

Up for grabs on this edition of Free Shit Tuesday is a Tuck N Roll Kustoms pencil skirt, screen printed with a hot pink HeartSizedCrush original Pistols and Nautical Stars AND a matching HeartSizedCrush hot pink necklace!

I know, I know- go ahead and pick your chin up off the floor cause I'm going to make you work a bit for it! ;)

So here's the deal:
-Every RT (retweet) of the blog post on twitter will get an entry. (1 pr hr pls)
(@HeartSizedCrush #FeelingLucky? pls RT) also- no need to leave a comment for each tweet, I can get all that through twitter if you use the tweet above.

-Follow my blog, that'll get you another entry. (If you already follow, just let me know and I'll add an automatic entry.)

-Visit Krissy's shop TuckNRollKustoms and my shop, HeartSizedCrush come back and leave a comment on your favorite item and you'll score another entry (1 for each).

-Last but not least, if you make a purchase from HeartSizedCrush -OR- TuckNRollKustoms you will score 3 extra entries. Just come back here and leave a comment to let me know that it was you!

-Blog about this giveaway, leave me a link here and you'll score 2 more entries!

Winner will be chosen at random. International entries welcome. Contest will run for 13 days. Make sure you leave a way for me to get in touch with you Ie; twitter name, email, ect.

Happy Free Shit Tuesday my loves!


  1. I already follow you...xoxo };D

    I love this necklace from your shop

    and I love this black rose hair clip from TuckNRollKustoms

  2. PS...the link for Krissy's shop isn't working properly =(

  3. I'm following you now... I have no idea why I wasn't following you before. Will RT you next :D

  4. Following you now, and I second Angry, not sure how I wasn't before! e-mail:

  5. Favorite from Krissy's shop:

  6. My favorite from your shop:

  7. I tweeted:

  8. I'm already a follower of your blog! And I've already retweeted!

    I'll try to retweet everyday a few times too, I really love that skirt & necklace!!

  9. I'm in love with this skirt in Krissy's shop:

    And this swallows with a shamrock charm from your shop is absolutely gorgeous too!

  10. I already stalk you here.

    I love this from HSC:

    And I'm tweeting!!!!

  11. I already follow you!!!

    I love this from your HSC shop!!!

    I twated!

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  15. Following!

    And my fave items:

  16. I am following you now, I love the Red rose skull hands black sparkle fascinator from Krissys shop and i love your hot pink swallow necklace.

  17. great blog - and i SOOOOOO want that skirt and necklace combo!

    Im now following you

    I love the red and leopard print skirt

    and from yours the blue nautical swallows

  18. these are my favorite: :)

    Black with Leopard Trim Pencil Skirt from TuckNRollKustoms

    Tattoo Inspired (hot pink) Swallow and Lightning Bolt Necklace from HeartSizedCrush

    best luck for me! ;)

  19. I'm following you :) and I RT'd

    My favorite item from your shop:

    My favorite item from Tuck N Roll Kustoms:

  20. have followed and RT!

    fave from TnR is

    and fave from yours is

    fab competition!

  21. Following :)






    P.S You guys rock!

  22. I'm following now!
    Love the nautical star with the swallow! Sweet! At Krissy's shop I love the Mexican Serape skirt! I will blog and purchase as soon as payday arrives....yeah baby!