Wednesday, December 30, 2009

S. Suzuki

I first met S. Suzuki on Twitter (aka @to_paraphrase). We chatted here and there and I would always drool over her picture posts of her current sketches and artwork. Last October she got in contact with me directly when she heard about the benefit show I was working on for Devil Doll and DickDime- she wanted to donate a piece of artwork for the raffle. When I laid my eyes on that painting- my heart melted, and I was in LOVE.

For Christmas we decided to do a trade. Today we met up to do the exchange. I am still in awe of her artwork. The picture posted above is what she painted for me. Her attention for detail is fantastic. The colors are amazing together. Sadly my picture DOES NOT do the painting is absolutely phenomenal in person. This is a piece that I will truly cherish for life.

Thanks Summer!!!!

Please, please, PLEASE check out her shop here.

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  1. Wow, it does look amazing!
    I'm heading now to check her shop!

  2. Damn-I might actually have to put stuff in my Etsy shop now! ;)

    I'm super glad you like the piece!